Hobbywing Xerun D10 Brushless Drift Motor 10.5T Red

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Drifting can be a challenge and a stress test for motors. The Xerun D10 motors by Hobbywing are specially designed for these kind of runs and meet all requirements when it comes to cornering properly.

With the right timing, the performance of the driving system can be optimally used. That is why the D10 motors have, among other things, a large selection of options for setting different timings. With just a screw on the back of the motor away, the timing can be freely adapted to Your own requirements using the white lines.

A new feature of these motors is the fan built into the rotor. Because an increased timing ensures an increased speed, which in turn can quickly lead to an increased temperature. The fan, however, creates an airflow that ideally keeps the motor cool while driving.


  • Integrated fan
  • Extremely light motor
  • Finely adjustable mechanical timing
  • Easily dismantled for maintenance

Technical Specifications:

Type: Brushless / Sensored
Poles: 2
kV Rating: 4600KV
Turns: 10.5T
LiPo cells: 2-3s
Outer Diameter: 35.7mm
Length: 52.6mm
Shaft Diameter: 3.17mm
Shaft Length: 15.0mm
Rotor Type: 7-12.2*24.1-BUT*-L1
Weight: 157g
Timing adjustable: 25°-55°
Application: 1/10 Drift
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