Tamiya 1:10 RC Ford Escort MkII Rally (MF-01X) kit

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Undisputed Icon from the Golden Era of Rally!

This R/C model assembly kit recreates the classic Ford Escort Mk.II in rally racing form piloted by Finnish Rally Legend Hannu Mikkola. Mikkola was joined by Swedish co-driver Arne Hertz in 1977 and the pair were very quickly a force to be reckoned with, winning the British Rally Championship in 1978 in an Escort. The Mikkola/Hertz partnership lasted for thirteen years, through to the end of the 1990 season. It was a RAC Rally Champion from 1975-1979. 

The pre-painted body sits on top the Tamiya MF-01X chassis that is capable both on asphalt and flat dirt surfaces.

MF-01X - Compact 4WD At Home on a Range of Surfaces

Based around a tough monocoque frame with integrated gearboxes, this compact 4WD chassis gives a thrilling drive whether you take it on road or flat dirt surfaces. It features a rear-mounted motor, with gear-driven rear wheels and a propeller shaft taking power to the front. Both front and rear gearboxes have differential gears. The battery pack location in the chassis center secures excellent balance, while 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension employs friction dampers. Rally Block tires with width/diameter of 27/69mm are also included.


  • 1/10 scale R/C model assembly kit. Length: 414mm, wheelbase: 239mm (L).
  • Polycarbonate body pre-painted in White.
  • Separately molded plastic components are included to recreate bumper, side mirrors and fog lamps.
  • Polycarbonate front and rear light cases are compatible with separately sold Tamiya 5mm LEDs.
  • Stickers are included to recreate blue livery sections, sponsor logos and more.
  • The MF-01X is at home on-road or on flat dirt, thanks to 4-wheel double wishbone suspension.
  • Power from the rear mounted motor is transmitted by gear differential to the rear wheels, and via a propeller shaft to the front. The chassis can be converted to S and M wheelbases with separately sold propeller shafts.
  • A host of Hop-Up Option parts are available to tune the MF-01X chassis.
  • Tamiya Torque Tuned Motor included.
  • Requires: 2-channel radio, steering servo, 7.2volt battery and compatible charger to complete.
  • Electronic Speed Controller is included!

Needed to complete:

  • Radio system
  • Steering servo
  • Drive battery (LiPo or NiMh)
  • Charger
  • Tools
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